Eduards Bracelet Knot  Black

Eduards Bracelet Knot Black


395,00 kr

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Knot Bracelet is a leather bracelet that combines the beauty of a plain leather strap with an oversized knot.

Knot Bracelet is 1,5 cm wide and closes with two snapbuttons - use only one for a larger size and two for a smaller. Size appr. 16,8-17,8 cm. Handmade in Sweden out of vegetable tanned leather, a material that streches and softens when used.

All bracelets may seem small when new but as the leather softens they adapt in form. Our vegetable tanned leather is left untreated for you to wear in, it will age with beauty and change colour due to exposure to sunlight and moist. We love this natural process, making every single item unique. 



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